Lonely Sexually Frustrated Housewife

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Dear readers


I would like to share with you my experiences  and hope the same luck and delight happens for you.


I'm a 15 years married man and love my wife dearly, but things have become very sad and non-existent when it comes to the bedroom. I started having fantasies about a year ago about having an affair with a like minded lady.


So I did some searching on the internet and found this site 'Frustrated Housewives'  I joined didn't pay anything at first, was unsure and never did anything like this before. I filled out some of my details, and didn't upload a photo, didn't want to be spotted by anyone that knew me on the internet.


After about 10 days, I couldn't believe it, I had 10 emails from genuine married ladies all seeking a similar thing. No Strings attached fun and games (you know what I mean!!)


One lady really took my fancy so we ended up in some very hot and explicit mails and  got to a point when we had to meet.


The day came I book into a travel lodge (I know not very romantic) but it was cheep and I could pay cash without it going on my card.


Well I sat in the room waiting.. waiting and waiting then a knock on my door and there she was… The next three hours were the best three hours of complete satisfaction and delight I have every had. We now meet up once a week and my live has never been better.


I have been so much happier and my wife has picked up on this and things have improved considerably in the home bedroom as well.


What a great mid life crisis medicine, would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. Meeting a sexually frustrated housewife has changed my live and given me a purpose. I have also given something back to a lovely lady who was at the end of her wits and extremely frustrated and unsatisfied with life and the bedroom.


I thank you Deb's….x



Frustrated Housewives is a secure, discreet, and confidential site where you can contact a lonely housewife

Lonely Sexually Frustrated Housewife

Frustrated Housewives is a secure, discreet, and confidential site where you can contact these lonely wives. These ladies are married, but looking for new relationships. This is a private club for women who are looking to start a no strings attached relationship. Frustrated housewives are waiting for you to contact them and meet your lonely housewife!

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Hi, im married, and yes I'm a Frustrated Housewife where things in the bedroom are boring, frustrating and far between. Im looking for a similar relationship who would like some no strings attached (nsa) fun on the side, just mutual pleasure. I am clean shaven, 89kg's very clean email me your contact number and i will get in touch, invite me over for coffee :) xx   Hi, ….I love to spend time reading a good book just to relax. I also enjoy long walks through the park. I am looking for a man to take time to listen to my dreams. You must be at least 5’ 8” and over 35 years old. I love dark hair and green eyes. Yes I am a bored married women, but I need a deeper connection than I am getting at home. I want to feel that spark of attraction and the feeling of new love.!

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February 10, 2009

admin @ 9:47 pm:

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admin @ 9:49 pm:

Is your wife depressed? Is she premenopausal or menopausal? Maybe there are other things that are suppressing her sex drive? Often these things are treatable and she should seek a doctors advice.

If it is just a matter of your needs being different perhaps you can discuss this and come up with an agreement on how often to have sex. It doesn't sound romantic or the way it should be, however we are talking about fulfilling a physical need right now so you have to start somewhere. If she wants it once a month and you are hoping for several times a week, there will have to be a realistic compromise to meet each other in the middle. Agree to something and put it in writing like a contract.

Consider a counselor or a sex therapist.

One thing you could probably do is stop focusing so much on sex. I know that sounds hard but sometimes (especially in long term relationships) that within itself is what makes women turned off to it and when men stop making that the center of their universe it makes sex appeal to us more.

If you walk you will probably meet a woman who will be really into sex for a short time then she will become like the rest of us. So what will the gain be besides short lived gratification? Your best bet is to stay right where you are and work things out. You didn't get to 27 years of marriage by giving up, so don't start now!!! Communicate with your wife to find a reasonable answer and you two will be able to work this out!!

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admin @ 2:26 pm:
Hi, Im looking for an attractive bored, sexually frustrated housewife, for good clean fun. Discretion guaranteed. I am a 36 yr old Indian Businessman, good looking and well hung, and definitely know how to please a woman. Interested, pls reply with pics. Hope to c u soon…

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admin @ 2:28 pm:

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